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The POWER of Thought

Our minds and bodies constantly influence one another. Every single cell in our bodies is tuned into what is happening with our thoughts, so we should take pause and notice what exactly is going on in our heads. Are we criticizing ourselves and others? Are we in blame mode? Are we resentful about something that happened in the past? Are we holding onto bitterness, unable to forgive someone for his or her wrongdoing?   We have thoughts zooming in our heads all the time, literally thousands of thoughts an hour. How many of these thoughts are helping us and how many of those thoughts are not serving our higher selves?
When we spend time focusing on our thoughts, we will gain great insight into ourselves and into our future. Be curious, don’t be afraid…even if those negative thoughts seem to be lurking around every corner. When one of those unharmonious thoughts pops up, take a deep breath, count to ten, and let go. When another one pops up, do the same. Don’t be afraid if you notice lots of negative thinking, especially if this is the first time you are consciously focusing on your thoughts. Once you notice, you have taken a great bold first step towards positive change. You now have an opportunity to become more highly aware of yourself and others.
Your body is always keenly aware of your thinking and it will reflect that back to you in various ways. It might start as a whisper such as a headache or back pain and, if it doesn’t get your attention, it might grow to more significant physical manifestations. If you are out of balance with your thoughts, your body will inevitably follow suit. Again, this is not about beating yourself up or blaming yourself when you have negative thinking – we all have it! It is about keen awareness and tuning in with great curiosity about who you really are. It is about expanding your mind, letting go of rigid thinking, and being open to the incredible experiences that await you. What is amazing about our journey here on this earth is that we are always learning and growing, and we have an opportunity with each new day to make positive change happen for ourselves and for others.

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