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The Imani Center

Our Impact

The Imani Center has been serving the youth and the community of Irvington for over 30 years. Our impact runs deep and wide. Many students return to the Imani Center many years later to continue services as an adult and to see how the site has grown.

Our Funding Support

Our funding for this program comes from the New Jersey Department of Children and Families as well as through various foundations and generous donors. We also receive generous support from the Short Hills Congregational Church, located in Short Hills, New Jersey.

The program services are offered before, during, and after school and throughout the summer. All the services are available in Spanish and Creole and includes the following: mental health services, healthy youth development, primary and preventive health services, substance abuse counseling, and referral, employment services, pregnancy prevention, learning support services, referrals to community-based service providers, and recreation.

Independent Living

Is a program assisting young adults who are referred by the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) to develop a high level of self- sufficiency as they transition into adulthood. These services are based on the eight (8) Casey Life Skills Assessment (CLSA) Domains which consist of daily living, self-care, relationships and communication, housing and money management, work and study, career and education planning, looking forward, and permanency.

Learning Support

This service provides tutoring, academic planning, college preparation, post-graduation vocational training, and English as a Second Language (ESL) support. These services are provided after school and throughout the summer. 

Mental Health Counseling & Substance Use Education

The Imani Center has staff who are licensed through the State Board of Marriage and Family Examiner and Art Therapy Credentials Board to ensure that their emotional, psychosocial, and social well- being are being met. Working with school personnel, Imani staff checks in with at-risk students through weekly and/or daily 1:1 sessions. We also have a suspension program where students are able to address their concerns and explore healthier coping skills.

Healthy Youth Development

We have developed many programs to target their social and life skills, as well as family involvement and accessibility to volunteer activities. Programs included: The Transitional Program “My Compass”, Planning for the Future, and Oasis Community Service. 

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (APPI)

This program is offered to both middle and high school students. Our goal is to support the student’s ability to achieve their education and life goals by developing their attitudes and skills that will help them prevent pregnancy and the transmission of STD, including HIV. APPI services include case management and counseling services, informative groups, resources to available outside services and other sources, and collaboration with school personnel.

Referral Process

Students are referred to our program from school personnel including teachers, guidance counselors, child study team members, school police officers, principals, and community organizations.