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Making Achievement Possible (MAP)
Irvington Middle School Services

Who We Are

Making Achievements Possible (M.A.P.) is a school-based youth services program operating out of University Middle School in Irvington, NJ. The Bridge, M.A.P. Program provides its services to the middle school youth of Essex County. The M.A.P. Program also collaborates with The Bridge, Imani Center, to ensure that the youth are provided with multiple benefits to their social and emotional growth. 

What We Do

At University Middle School, The Bridge, M.A.P. Program, students are receiving individual and group support through employees under The Bridge staff. Programs are being held during traditional and unconventional hours.  Traditional hours are indicated as during and after school hours. Unconventional hours would include students’ lunch breaks, Saturdays, fall and spring break sessions, and summer hours. The range of days and times promote the concept that the program is flexible and is willing to educate and support the students.

Who do we help?

Services provided by the M.A.P. are not only program specific to the students and their families, but also serve as resources for the Child Study Team and University Middle School administration and staff. Students are regularly referred by the school for afterschool and summer services. The services provide academic assistance, leadership, and community outreach programs. Supplemental programs that also serve as resources are uniform distribution, school supplies, and translation services in French, Creole, and Spanish. Uniform distributions are provided to the students at no cost. This ensures a clean attire, as well as changing students’ statuses from non-compliant to compliant. In doing so, students are able to complete their regular school hours, instead of being admitted to Behavioral Modification Room (BMR). The school supplies are also provided at no cost. This guarantee that students are properly prepared for class, especially students in unstable living conditions, recently migrated to the United States, and those with parents who simply cannot afford adequate supplies for their children. Specific events include but are not limited to: volunteering at the Food Bank in Hillside, NJ, volunteering to clean inside and around the school, activities at the Newark Museum, and Father’s Engagement Breakfast. M.A.P. Staff have an extensive relationship with the students, their families, and school administration, which consequently continues outside of school hours, providing the community of Irvington specifically with an abundance of resources.

Our Services

M.A.P. Program provides services that not only supports individual students, but their families and communities as well. Community responses will support the concept that through the fostering of relationships, building of rapport, and the physical distribution of services and supplies, will result in Essex County receiving the mental, educational, and physical support that is needed. This will help to promote a continuation of growth, advancement, and success. Below you will find additional services that the M.A.P Program provides:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Club I & II
  • Designated Time To Talk with 6th & 7th graders during their lunch period
  • Teen Outreach Program (T.O.P)
  • Spelling Bee Preparation in collaboration with the school’s librarian
  • SandPlay Therapy