Healthy Minds. Healing Hearts.
Peaceful Communities.​

The Bridge Makes a Difference..

Inya Chehade, CEO 
The Bridge provides help and support in many different ways. The broad scope of our programs enables us to touch every aspect of core human needs –to feel safe, to be of value, to be whole.
On any given day at The Bridge, a family might be working with one of our counselors on developing better communication skills. One of our Family Preservation Services team members might be sitting with a mother at her kitchen table, going over specific and manageable steps towards reducing angry outbursts with her children. Our art therapy interns might be working with a young teenage mother on ways to express her emotions due to deep trauma. Our school counselors might be working with a child who has become sad and depressed following the divorce of his parents. Our Imani counselors might be taking students out on a ropes course to help boost their confidence and overcome their fears. This is the daily life and breath of The Bridge.
Our whole organizational culture is about one thing: making a difference and committing to creating a positive impact on people’s lives. From our beginnings in 1971, The Bridge has grown to serve over 1,500 individuals on an annual basis at a variety of locations. Our vision is to continue to infuse more holistic techniques into our work and to focus on empowering individuals and families through individually customized support, education and counseling.
We welcome you to become involved and to join us in this vital work! I hope you enjoy reading about the many wonderful activities underway at The Bridge.They are all stories of hope, healing, support, empowerment, advocacy and love in one shape or another. As our taglines says, Healthy Minds. Healing Hearts. Peaceful Communities.

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