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Peace Model Project Addresses Stress and Bullying

The Caldwell-West Caldwell School District, in collaboration with The Bridge, has launched The Peace Model Project, a three-year, $750K, federally and locally (district) funded program to increase counseling services and character education at our four local elementary schools. The program emphasizes prevention and resiliency (wellness), while providing direct intervention, counseling and crisis response to children and families in our elementary schools.
The project was launched in September 2015 and has gained great momentum since its inception. Major goals include helping students develop stress reduction, coping and self-regulation skills; reducing bullying and harassment by improving student relationships with peers, families and the school community; and providing appropriate services to students experiencing significant mental health problems. Additionally, each elementary school has designated a “Peace Room” – a safe place for children to access when they are in need of support.
October saw the launch of a three-part parenting education series to complement the in-school work. Tom Palermo, a highly acclaimed speaker and Positive Parenting Coach presented on a range of topics, including “Why Kids Do What They Do & The 15 Minute Miracle!”, Stop The Yelling & Gain Cooperation,” and “Changing Bad Behaviors for Good Ones & Ending Tantrums.”
Mary Cunningham, MA, Ed.M, LPC, serves as the project director.   Mary serves as the student assistance counselor at James Caldwell High Schools and brings years of experience to this unique role. Our elementary school counselors include Radha Collins, LPS; Lauren Rubino, LAC; Sady Horn, LSW; Daniela Mantineo, LCSW; and Julia Yoskowitz, MA.   Additionally, an external evaluation team is working closely with the project to measure outcomes and effectiveness.

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