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Allison Reynolds

As a child in middle school, unbeknownst to Allison, she had already established herself in the career of helping people. As conflicts between peers are a normal part of school life that are sometimes resolved with “see you after school for a beat down”, Allison’s best friend found herself on the receiving end of that threat. Allison’s intervention: “Run home as fast as you can and I will be there shortly after to help fix this mess.” No parents were available to help after school because most kids were latchkey kids. A large crowd of students gathered in front of the house, yelling for their victim to come outside and fight. Allison walked through the crowd, stood on the front porch, asked everyone to be quiet and to just listen for a minute. Leadership skills and respect prevailed, and Allison became the voice and advocate for her friend. The parties in conflict arrived at a better understanding and the crowd dispersed.

Allison graduated from Linden High School in 1983 as a scholar/athlete. Throughout the years, she enjoyed her camaraderie with fellow teammates playing basketball, softball, and soccer (in which she excelled as the goalkeeper). In 1987, Allison received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Douglass College (Rutgers University) and in 2003, she received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Fordham University with a specialization in Children and Families.

Allison joined the Union County program of Family Preservation Services (FPS) in 1989, and when The Bridge (who already had the contract for Essex County FPS) acquired the Union County FPS contract, Allison followed along joining The Bridge in 1991. Throughout her tenure in the FPS program, Allison has traveled through the ranks of Counselor, to Assistant Supervisor, to Supervisor, and to her current destination as the Director of FPS. Allison became the statewide trainer for the NJ FPS Program in 2007 and continues to enjoy the privilege of instructing new team members across the state in the way of FPS. She taught the Children and Families course for Rutgers Newark Department of Social Work in the undergraduate program for 12 years. Allison has joined numerous committees facilitated by DCF towards the interest of FPS and Child Welfare.

Through Allison’s Leadership and the tutelage of her awesome Leadership Team (who is comprised of M. Jackson, K. Love, and J. Campbell) and through the work of her wonderful team of FPS Counselors, The Bridge FPS program has been able to preserve 92% of the families (at discharge) with whom we have had the privilege to work. It is all about the Preservation of the Family!